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Hello! We created conneCTalent to fill two voids: First, we know so many talented stay at home professionals (ourselves included) who want to employ their education and skills outside their home, but have no avenue to begin their job search and no resource to help determine if the right jobs exist for them. Second, we know so many companies that recognize the benefits of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, but have no access to highly experienced and efficient candidates outside their network. We also understand that looking for a job and reviewing hundreds of applications in response to an internet post are both full time jobs in and of themselves. With the intent to connect these two communities and modernize the hiring process on both sides, conneCTalent was born.

Our mission is to empower local stay at home professionals to re-employ their skills in the job market on a part-time or full-time basis, and to provide employers with access to an untapped and highly qualified talent pool. We also help professionals who are currently working, find new and exciting local opportunities.    

Sign up today and let conneCTalent assist you in finding a fulfilling new job or an efficient, experienced local candidate.

– Runa Knapp and Jasmine Silver

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