1. Who can join this platform?

Commuters looking for local opportunities and stay at home professionals looking to re-enter the workforce. We source full time, part time, and contract roles with employers who value work/life balance.

2. Is there a fee to join conneCTalent?

As a job seeker, there is no fee to join. conneCTalent is truly invested in helping our candidates find local employment. Join for free today!

3. What types of job opportunities does conneCTalent focus on?

We encourage our candidates to consider all different types of opportunities, including full time, part time, contract-based, in-office, and/or remote positions with flexible employers.

4. Do I need to have a prepared resume or cover letter to join?

You do not need a prepared resume or cover letter to fill out a profile, join our platform and begin looking for jobs. However, if you are interested in applying for a job, you will need to complete and upload your resume and cover letter, if required. We work with various career coaching, interview coaching, and resume editing experts who we can recommend to you upon request.

5. Does conneCTalent keep me apprised of any roles relevant to my profession/industry?

We will reach out to you directly if an open job is a good fit for your background. You apply to jobs through us and we will set up the interviews if the employer wants to move forward.

6. Do I have to seek jobs exclusively through conneCTalent?

No, you are free to search for jobs elsewhere while also using our services. However, we strongly believe in our mission and so do many local companies! We are having tremendous success making meaningful relationships with local employers and are proud to work with companies who believe in our platform. Check out the testimonials on our home page.

7. Do you place nannies, babysitters, housekeepers or handy-people?

No, our candidates include professionals in finance, marketing, law, HR/Sales, administration and other niche areas.


1. What types of job opportunities does conneCTalent focus on?

We have candidates in our database seeking full time, part time, contract-based, in-office, and/or remote positions with employers who value work/life balance.

2. Do I have to sign an exclusivity agreement with conneCTalent?

No, there is no exclusivity agreement or upfront retainer fee. A fee is payable only upon hiring a conneCTalent candidate.

3. Do I have the capability to search your database?

No, we do not grant employers access to our job seeker database for privacy reasons. However, once you post a job with us, conneCTalent will match you up with interested and qualified candidates based on your requirements. We will email you candidate resumes to review and if you choose to move forward with a conneCTalent candidate, we will set up the interviews and follow up with you during the interview and hiring process.

4. I’m a local small business. Why pay a fee for your services when I can post a job for free on social media or with an online service?

Two reasons:

i) Posting within your own social media network can be an inefficient and ineffective avenue to find the best candidates. Your post might reach a few interested or qualified people, but that's only if these people happen to be in your network, checking that specific feed at that specific time, or regularly checking that specific feed for jobs. Likely, your post will not cast a wide enough net to find the unique talent that you are seeking, or you will be inundated with dozens of irrelevant resumes to review. conneCTalent does the legwork for you: we focus on your hiring needs and curate a select group of resumes for you to review.

ii) Posting on online job boards can be overwhelming and frustrating. While an initial posting may be free, your small business will have to pay a fee for your posting to be seen on a regular basis. If you don’t pay that additional fee (and often even if you do), your post will be one of a million other job postings, and you will be inundated with hundreds of non-curated resumes for your one job opening. Without a dedicated HR team on hand, the process of reviewing hundreds of resumes can be a full time job in and of itself. conneCTalent is like that friend who can cut through the noise and give you a great recommendation. We maintain a database of seasoned professionals who are often not seeking jobs through any other avenues, and we generally only send you two or three of the most relevant candidate resumes to review before interviewing. Let conneCTalent find the best candidate for you!

5. What is the cost for employers to use your service?

Reviewing the resumes of the candidates we match you with and conducting interviews is free! If you ultimately choose to hire a conneCTalent candidate, there is a fee. However, our fees are lower than market rates.

6. Do you provide background or reference checks?

No we do not provide background or reference checks. However, upon request we can recommend a reputable and reasonably-priced partner company that can service your background and reference check needs.

Technical Issues:

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