Our Mission

At connectalent, our mission is to connect skilled professionals with employers who value work/life balance. Most of our candidates are parents re-entering the workforce after a career break or commuters looking for a local or flexible position. Our platform helps companies achieve diversity, inclusion, and greater efficiency in the workplace, and empowers local professionals to seek modern opportunities. We are invested in helping our community and are proud to work with so many similarly committed businesses.

Our History

In creating connectalent, we wanted to fill two voids that we found in Fairfield County. First: the many flexible companies that sought diversity, inclusivity, and increased efficiency in their workplace, but had no access to highly experienced candidates outside their core network. Second: the countless talented stay at home professionals and commuters who were looking for fulfilling new job opportunities with flexible employers. connectalent connects these two communities in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way, and modernizes and customizes the hiring process along the way.

Why choose connectalent?

At connectalent, we understand firsthand that looking for a job and reviewing hundreds of candidate applications in response to an internet post are both full time jobs in and of themselves. Our platform solves this problem. Along with believing in our empowering and community-focused mission, we want you to choose connectalent because we are the hardest-working recruiters out there with your best interest in mind. As an employer, you will not be inundated or overwhelmed with hundreds of applicants. We will present you with a curated selection of qualified and efficient candidates that you can choose to interview. As a job seeker, we won’t present you with irrelevant, out of reach jobs. We’ll filter your application prospects based specifically on your background, skills and preferences.